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Free Website Build

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The ultimate DIY way to build your own Shopify website at your own pace.

While Shopify has a standard 14-day trial period for new users, often times that’s just not enough time to start a new website. If you’re a new Shopify user, you’ve got a learning curve to overcome, and that might not be enough time for you to finish your new store. If life gets busy, you can fall behind. Before you know it, you’re paying a subscription for something you haven’t even finished.

You’ll receive an Shopify account invite to the email you provide, allowing you to log into your store and begin working on it.

With our Free Website Build option you:

  • get a Shopify development store that you can work on as long as you want, without paying any fees in the process.
  • receive your own Shopify account, so you’ll have access to Shopify Learn - an extensive platform of learning tools for Shopify merchants to learn and grow.
  • build familiarity and learn the skills needed to run your website once it’s complete.
  • can easily upgrade to our assisted build or full build to let us help get you back on schedule.

Once you place your order with us, we will contact you to set up the development store and get your Shopify account created.

From there you work on your website as quickly or as slowly as you want, without paying any monthly subscriptions to Shopify.

When your website is finished and ready to launch, just let us know and we transfer the store to you. Upon initiating the transfer, you will pick your Shopify subscription plan and begin using your website.

Shopify compensates us directly for the referral, and you’ve built a website while avoiding paying a subscription. It’s a win-win.

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